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5 May 2012

Digital Deployed VMware On its servers

15 February 2012

Digital Deploys its first Mobile WIFI billing in the field


01 January 2009
Digital Networks Converted to Hyper-V

What Clients Say About Us

Since we have been doing business with Digital, the changes have been so dramatic we use the calendar year reference of “BC” only we have say “BD” referring to Before Digital. We manage a fleet of 25 mobile vans that do Time and Material billing. 

Digital has allowed us to properly manage the Billings and Expenses and get a timely Financials, with lots of analytical information. 


Carl Krepp,

General Manager, Multimarine

We have been doing business with this company since 1999, we started with one branch. Over the years we added branches at various locations throughout the state and we now have 5 locations and still one accounting staff.  They have quickly responded to our growing business needs.


Craig Decleene,

Decleene Truck Repair

Our support includes

  • Design planning
  • Importing Data Into the System
  • Knowledgeable Accounting Staff
  • Remote Access Technical Support
  • End-to-end project management
  • Business Email


Las Vegas is of the nation’s most advanced Fiber Optic hubs in order to service the major casinos. We are one of the fastest growing city's in the country. Our new infrastructure is being built with the latest in technology to support our clients.

As a Sunbelt state, the weather is never severe as in some states like Florida or Louisiana. Our power plants have enough capacity to send the overflow to California 

Our product is called Service Master that is a character-based, business accounting, wholesale distribution and inventory management software. It is field proven in many large business environments. Service Master has a fully integrated Report Generator for unique requests.


Digital Design employs highly trained U.S.-based technical support professionals. Our network is set up so that when you call for technical support, we take control of your computer through the internet and guide you through you specific training needs. We give your company a professional IT department at a fraction of the cost.

All equipment that we employ in the field is under a national service contract to give you next day response and peace of mind.

Our Team