Digital Design Inc

computer network  solutions

Microsoft Networks

We have multiple high performance Zeon processor servers running VMware Microsoft 2008 and 2012 server.

Full featured software like:
Sequel Server Enterprise
Power Point

​The beauty of our networks is that they are accessible anywhere there is internet


We run Centos Linux in our rack mount servers for our Enterprises Application Software. It is extremely reliable and works well in a low bandwidth environment for a large number of users. We print to computerized forms within a PDF file eliminating the need to purchase paper invoices.

We run Red Hat Linux in our rack mount servers for webpage and email hosting. Red Hat is extremely reliable for large capacity Windows-based storage of files, utilizing Samba and a hardware Raid configuration. We are able to employ remote site backup and synchronization of remote servers  here.

Business Software / Unix-based Enterprise Solution

Our product called is Service Master that is a character-based, business accounting, wholesale distribution and inventory management software. It is field proven in many large business environments. Service Master has a fully integrated Report Generator.

Our Business Software does Huge file support. Many other systems have file size limitations due to system performance. Digital's file systems support records Greater than 1 million plus records. Well able to support your multiple store locations needs.

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